Here is a list of apps/plugins that I have created/ contributed. Check them out:


iterpc helps generating permutations and combinations with in various situations.

Julia Stuffs

RCalling.jl is a julia package which talks to R. Allowing R codes to be run on Julia console. It is essentially dead.
RCall.jl is another julia package interfacing R under the umbrella of JuliaStats. It should have a more promising future.
Combinatorics.jl has some algorithms ported from iterpc, see this pull request.

Sublime Text 2/3

AlignTab is a regex alignment plugin which helps Sublime users to align their codes. This plugin is inspired by the Vim plugin tabular.
R-Box is a comprehensive set of tools for helping writting R codes in ST.
LaTeX-Plus is a LaTeX plugin for ST.
Project-Manager is a plugin manages Sublime Projects.
UnitTesting is a unittest framework for ST2/3 based on unittest module in python.
Whitespace trims whitespaces automatically.


Remote-atom is an atom package. It allows editing files remotely via ssh.


TmuxVimEdit tell vim over tmux to jump.
LaTeX-Box is a lightweight latex plugin for Vim.


A very crude R GUI on Mac OSX.